Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My hardstyle

Since I posted a little bit on what Hardstyle actually is and posted favorites up I thought I should post a little of my own work to see if anyone likes lol

This is the newest track I finished-

Yeaahh gotta love Spongebob xD
Bob by DjSavage
If you liked it you should check out any of my other tracks. I'll also be uploading mixes to soundcloud soon.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekly favorite

So I'm going to start posting one song every week that I've found to be my favorite. Of course Hardstyle :P

Breaking out the Oldschool Hardstyle

Hey guys, if you've listened to hardstyle since it first created you know it's changed a lot. No more reverse bass or awesome screeches in the new tracks coming out today (Fusion records, Scantraxx). So I'm just here to post some of the really great reverse bass hardstyle I've found recently.

Reverse bass records-This is one of the only record company that still makes reverse bass. Great stuff.

Hardstylepikasi and ReverseBassHD-Just youtube up loaders who dedicated their pages to reverse bass.

Now lets move on to some specific artist:

TranceGenerators-Been around since Hardstyle was born
Coca-Really brutal basses and screeches
Jimmy the Sound-Has so many uniqe sounds...
Zatox-mixes reverse well with newer style hardstyle
Technoboy-His older stuff

I will be updating this list frequently =]
Hope everyone enjoys the music and keep the reverse bass alive!